Reed Seifer, NY is a lot of work, 2010


This blog informs and reflects on the exhibition OH CRISIS at Huize Frankendael in Amsterdam. The exhibition presents a view through modern art towards the actual Credit Crisis.
We're now entering what may well be the most challenging man-made calamity in modern experience, a global financial crisis of unprecedented size, speed, interconnectedness and complexity. This event, also known as the Credit Crisis is not yet determined in terms of cause and effect. Our mission is to reaffirm the power of an open view, an in depth discussion, and an exploration of the Credit Crisis through art. Because art can unveil and may be able to present a different view. This exhibit explores some reflections on the current crisis. Works of the following artists are to be seen: (amongst others) Lara Almarcegui, Jan Fabre, William Monk, David Osbaldeston, Reed Siefer, Dave Sinai, Berend Strik, Remco Torenbosch, Koen van Mechelen, Roger van de Wouwer, Jason van der Woude

vrijdag 2 april 2010

Interview met Saskia Stuiveling

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